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Bocas del Toro - Red Frog Beach


DD ANDER is a Canadian Writer / Ghostwriter / Blogger / Photographer Extraordinaire who lives in Panama but works in Canada

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DD ANDER never did fit in very well in the prairie town he grew up in. While his classmates were settling down to careers and raising families, he was dreaming of mountain peaks and tall ships. And though he would attempt to follow those dreams, he always ended up back home on the prairies.

For a good part of his life he stayed the course, but eventually, he took his leave. He travelled extensively, and his experiences would soon catch up with his passion for a different life.

It would take him into places he should not have trod, and into experiences he should not have had. Stories would be told, by him, that he would deem fiction, but those who knew him, knew not where the fiction ended and the truth began. And they dared not ask.

Duane began to blog regularly during this time. Hundreds of blogs would follow, and to those who knew him well, it became obvious that the greater story lie between the lines. The public story was there for all the world to see, the other, for certain eyes only.

Although he lives in another part of the world today, he is always close by in one form or another. Whether through his blogs, his photos, his novels, both fiction and non-fiction, or his one on one conversations, he is never very far away.

The World As I See It!
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